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MDEQ at a City Council Meeting in Crystal Springs

Mr. Tony Russell representing MDEQ assurred the Mayor, City Attorney and City Council Members that Citizens were not in harm's way. The MDEQ Director assured the Council and Mayor that a new Drinking water well would be developed and not at citizens expense.

Crystal Springs, MS

Crystal Springs, MS

 In March of 2000 a rubber tire backhoe began an excavation on the Kuhlman site in Crystal Springs, MS. The Rubber on the Tires began to dissolve and the resulting investigation revealed that PCB’s and Trichorobenzene in percentage amounts were in the soil on the Kuhlman site and had migrated over the years into the nearby fishing lake and a drainage ditch that ran through a predominated African American poverty stricken community. The MDEQ investigation revealed that contaminated soil was removed from the site to areas in the community and used as yard and garden fill material. MDEQ began a cleanup of the community and the Vulture Lawyers swooped down on the community and began a rape which would be completed by the Community’s Elected Officials. They are just poor black people and we don’t owe you the courtesy of explaining what you are exposed to, who is responsible, what we are going to do to protect you from future  exposures and what measures we are taking to remediate.  Eye witness accounts of the clean up involved one woman’s story of dust, and organic odors filling her home during the excavation along a ditch and public softball field. Eye witness accounts of backhoe operators not in proper protective equipment and oily dust falling on cars and people not 10 yards from excavation activities. As of November 2009 two drinking water wells have been shut down as they were in the path of a chlorinated solvent which was being drawn to the drinking water wells. The flow of information is severely restricted and neither the Elected Officials nor MDEQ appear ready to change this.


Crystal Springs Community Meeting


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